Dream Ocean Home

Dream Home

What is your dream home. I believe we have all seen those posts on Facebook with a series of pictures of houses. A seaside home, mountain cabin, lake house, city apartment and it asks which you would love to live in if someone was paying for it.



Although, I would love to have a home in each, the pictures just do not depict my dream home. If I could live anywhere, I would probably live in multiple places, have a place in NYC, a beach house, a mountain-side home in Colorado and of course, a lake house. I guess I would be selfish, and since I can curate the places, why not go big?


If you have an idea of what you home would look like, it is modern, ranch, farmhouse, cozy, open layout? What does your home look like?


I have followed people who are redoing their homes, interior designers, architects, DIYers, and people with the means to purchase my dream homes.


Recently, Architecture Digest toured a home, which I have to say hits a lot of what I would love to have in my dream home. Although, it isn’t exactly a city, mountain, ocean, lakefront home.


It is a beautiful, simple, well-done home by Adam Levign and Behati Prinsloo.


I love the openness of the home. The outdoor living spaces, the kitchen and who wouldn’t want to have a closet filled with amazing clothes. Although, my life right now is filled way more with jeans, sweats and running shoes. The spaces just speak to how I would love to live in a home. A place filled with loved ones, and cherished things.


Here is the link to the video. Let me know what you like or don’t like about the home. Do you have a visual picture of what your dream home is? And even better, are you living in it?

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