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The Couch

The couch is one of the largest pieces of furniture in the room. It may or may not be the center piece of the room, but it definitely takes up a lot of space both physically and visually.

It can also be one of the more expensive pieces of furniture you buy. Even purchasing a sofa at a discount store or Ikea will run you close to $1,000. At least one you will want to hang out on on lazy Sunday afternoons.

It is a large investment and one you are never really certain of until you plop down on it.

I hate to say this, but I haven’t purchased one in twenty years. And it was a matching sofa, love seat combination which ended up being out of proportion to our home.

Right now, I have five couches between my home and cottage and I haven’t purchased any of them. They were all hand-me down couches we received when family was done with them. They are all well loved, not so fashionable pieces of furniture. I was also deeply grateful to receive them. Money was short and we had four children and two dogs that would be sitting on them.

Now that my kids are adults and we have a tiny bit of money in the bank, I am considering buying two of them. One for each of our houses.

The first one in our cottage needs to work in an all white room, with hardwood floors. The space isn’t large, but there are 25 foot ceilings. It needs to be comfortable, modern and durable. Even thought we should be past the sticky finger stage of life, there is a high likelihood of wet bathing suit bottoms hitting the couch. And maybe an adult beverage could get spilled during the competitive board games they play! It’s been known to happen.

So, I am curating the look I want for my couch in my cottage.

Below is my current Pinterest board where I am curating the look and feel I am going for.

And these are the little swatches I need to think of on a six foot couch. Will I like the fabric on something with will take up so much space? This is not in my wheelhouse.

Also, looking at when things ship, at best it will get here in 12 weeks. My brother bought a couch and it ended up taking six months to get it in his home. And now that it is there, he isn’t so sure he really likes it.

No stress at all!

So, for now I am curating the looks of the sofa I want. How we will use it. How it will fit in with our room and family. I will keep adding to my Pinterest board until I have found just the right look.

Twenty years – I am sure I can pick a good couch this time!

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