First self-care curation

My book shelves are filled with cook books, exercise books, running books, business books and so much more. I have whole Pinterest boards dedicated to health, inspiration, food, vacation destinations, home and so much more.

Yet, taking the actions from reading the books and articles to actually incorporating the ideas into my life is a whole other thing.

Even if I don’t put self-care on my daily to-do list, I acknowledge the importance of it in my life. Is there anyone here who doesn’t?

You know the whole, put your own oxygen mask on first thing.

In reality, I would probably work on putting other people’s oxygen masks before bothering to put my own on.

So, as part of my every day curation of things, I am putting the following items on my weekly care list.

Running – I am training to run a half marathon this year. This week I am running 5 times for a total mileage of 21 miles.

Green juice – I would love to say I will do it daily, but honestly, I am going to just go for doing it twice.

Eating real food – Does that need to be on a self-care list? For me, it does. The more salads, fruit, unprocessed food I eat, the better I fell. So, making sure breakfast is all real foods is a good way to start the day.

Water- again, we all know we feel better when we are properly hydrated. I have heard conflicting information about how much to drink, but the general rule of 8 8oz glasses a day is a good start. With running and the hot weather, this will probably need to be much more. But starting with 64 oz.

Sleep – Prioritizing getting enough sleep this week. Big topic, and there are way smarter people than me who have written on the topic, so I won’t.

Fun – taking some time each day to do something fun. Is it spending some time reading, taking photos, talking to my kids. Just something little each day that isn’t something I have to do which will bring me some joy.

I have a whole lot more I could add to this list, but then it just becomes one more thing I didn’t complete. So, my curated list of taking care of myself is complete.

What ways do you take care of yourself? Add them in the comments!

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