Green Juice

Green Juice

Green juice is known for its amazing nutritional value, and rightfully so. It contains all the good things grown in the garden.

I first became aware of green juice when my sister was diagnosed with cancer. She drank all kinds of green juice, beat juice, and wheatgrass juice to boost her immune system.

I have been an on-again-off-again juicer.I have been an on-again-off-again juicer. It isn’t that I mind the taste of it – I like it. I am just lazy, and I don’t take the time to do the juicing. And to be honest, it does take a lot of produce to produce a glass or two each day. Which is the reason drinking it provides so many nutrients.

I believe my green juice of choice is a modified version from Kris Carr. I have been drinking this recipe for years, and I could have found it from another source as well. To be sure, this is not my original recipe. I would be happy to credit the original source if you know it.

Here is my adapted recipe for green juice:

  • 1 large cucumber or 2 small ones. If the seeds make you burp, get a seedless cucumber.
  • 1 apple or pear quartered to remove the core and seeds. (Gala, Fuji, or green are all great choices.)
  • 2 handfuls of spinach or kale. Sometimes do a mixture of the two depending on what I have.
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1/2 lemon or lime if you prefer – remove the seeds & peel if you prefer.
  • 1-inch section of ginger, peeled. (optional)

This recipe will produce a large glass or more depending on the produce.

Wash all of the produce and put it through your juicer with the peels on. If you don’t want the outside of the lemon in your juice, peel it.

A tip I have for the discarded pulp from the juicing. If you compost, add the pulp to it. If you don’t, please make sure to discard the pulp in the trash and not down your disposal. My plumber I called told me to stop doing this! ?

  • Green Juice
  • 2 glasses green juice
  • Three Glasses Green Juice

The amazing photographers at Unsplash provided the pictures.

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