Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights set the mood for our outdoor spaces. They help to greet visitors to your home. It can be a simple light post on your sidewalk or a porch light. Or the lighting can be a system providing light and aesthetics highlighting your home.

We use lights on our front path. They may be small lights aimed at the ground or use larger lights giving overall lighting.

Lights can highlight trees or architectural elements of our home. We do this with strategically placed lights, uplighting or downlighting what we way to show off.

We may use string-lights, or temporary lights to provide a mood and lighting in the entertainment areas of our yard. Fire pits and candles can provide additional light and ambiance.

We may use solar-powered lights in areas we can not easily run electricity to or for temporary lighting. We may also use them to save on electricity.

My yard is underlit, and I am working on the right light fixtures at the right price. Look at the curated lights below for some examples of what I am researching.

  • Night Outdoors candle and ligths

Instagram outdoor lights

The first is on @Elizabethbeardesigns on Instagram. I mentioned her in my previous post with her beautiful walkway. Here she is highlighting her new light at the front of her yard. The second picture is what she changed out. I like both lights, but can see the new light fits with the remolding she has done on the exterior and interior of her beautiful home.

Again, look around her feed for inspiration. And follow along as she posts nearly daily stories.

Studio McGee’s light fixture over their door is the style of light I am looking for the cottage garage. It has clean lines. Will provide great lighting at a doorway and I love the looks of it. However, the price is more than I want to spend.

The Pinterest Curated Outdoor lights

The Pinterest boards are growing. I have been looking for outdoor lights for our cottage. Something to match a barn-style garage. A typical cottage style and then lights to light up the lake area. As you can see, I am heading for a modern, farm-style look here.

There are so many options. I am glad to have so many places to find inspiration.

What is your go-to place for inspiring the look and feel of your home?

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