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Front Paths

Our front paths are one of the first impressions you will make on your guests. When we arrive at someone’s home, we typically follow the path or sidewalk to their front door. It could be a straight or meandering path from the street or city sidewalk. A pathway may go directly from the driveway to the front porch. It is an integral part of how we greet our guests to our home.

path – a trodden way: a track specially constructed for a particular use: course, route

Merriam Webster

The path and our home style should be complementary. The front pathway starts the journey of our guests in a welcoming way. The way the landscaping, lighting, and hardscapes all mix to create an atmosphere and highlight our home’s exterior.

Here are a few of the curated looks I have saved over the years. Each unique to their home.

If, I mean when it happens, I’ll show you the progress pictures. In the meantime, these are a few of my curated photos of the feel for my outdoor spaces. The amazing photographers at Unsplash provided the pictures.

Instagram front paths

The first is on @Elizabethbeardesigns on Instagram. She has made amazing changes to her home over the years. The front pathway with paver stones and rocks is unique and has been changing over the years. When you check out her work, you will discover she changed her front door from when she posted this picture as well. What is most amazing is the outside walk is just a beautiful preview to the inside of her home.

Take a look around her feed. She posts way more to her stories than her feed, so she is a great person to follow.

Kristin @ KG Designs is a landscape architect and an interior designer. Her feed is filled with beautiful photos of her home, yard, and cats. Her IG stories are filled with her life and adventures as a mom, wife, cat mom, business owner, and the fun they are currently having building a second home. She is inspiring, and I highly advise following her.

Studio McGee’s path to their own home is all clean lines and welcoming. Their modern pathway fits the exterior as well as the interior of their home. I also love the pops of color the grass gives to the walkway up to the front porch. The feed on Instagram is filled with their home, family, the interior design work she does. The feed is inspiring and fun.

The Pinterest Curated Front Paths

Here is a link to my current curations, but here are a few of the highlights as well. There are so many interesting ways to guide people to your front door. These are all quite modern, but there are plenty of cottage, farm, traditional paths as well.

Whatever style your home, there is always inspiration to be found to bring your guests to your front porch in a more welcoming way.

When curating ideas, each photo brings different ideas to mind. New hardscapes: stones, cement, wood that will be walked on. There are definitely some of these here. Sometimes it is how you landscape around the path, the plants, planters, additional stones, grass between the rocks, etc.

If you have additional places for inspiration, let me know. I am always looking for more every day curations.

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